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  • Housing and Resource Navigation

    Same Quality Service at any of our 4 Locations.
  • Employment Services

    SCAP is Your Employment Services Center.
  • Early Learning

    SCAP’s Early Learning programs make the most of a young child’s potential...

SCAP first opened its doors in 1965 with the mission of alleviating poverty by helping people help themselves; we remain true to this mission today. Nearly 12,000 people walk through our doors each year in search of hope and opportunities. At SCAP, we support AND empower people to build on their resources so they may eventually rise out of poverty and become self-supporting. The tools we use to combat poverty include education, family stabilization and employment. The results are better families and stronger, more cohesive communities.

SCAP remains ever committed to ending poverty. While we are making a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis, we need the ongoing support of the community to reach our goal of expanding our services offering front-line help for families in crisis, which is the most comprehensive Community Resource Navigation service of its kind.

While some of our programs are federal or state-funded, today this source is diminishing and it covers only a portion of what is needed. Our ability to make a difference in the lives of so many will come from generous donors, like you, who believe in our mission and the work we perform in the community.