Long Story Short



About Long Story Short:

Poverty impacts thousands of people right here in the Capital Region, but SCAP wants you to know there is hope for breaking the cycle of poverty. That is why we created the Long Story Short campaign; to raise awareness of the strengths and successes of the people we serve and the difficulties they have overcome, as well as combat the negative stigma associated with poverty.

The benefits of sharing these stories is to motivate and inspire our customers and spread our message of hope. Additionally, through these stories we can showcase SCAP’s uniqueness and the many ways in which we can help.




    Uhura’s Story

  Chris’ Story

Howard’s Story



Damaris Cardona with her husband and sister Chi-Chi
Damaris’ Story
Katherine Cohn-Jacqueway 12/2015
Katherine’s Story
Tammy 12/15/15
Tammy’s Story
Dominicka 11/15/15
Dominicka’s Story










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