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About Long Story Short:

Poverty impacts thousands of people right here in the Capital Region, but SCAP wants you to know there is hope for breaking the cycle of poverty. That is why we created the Long Story Short campaign; to raise awareness of the strengths and successes of the people we serve and the difficulties they have overcome, as well as combat the negative stigma associated with poverty.

The benefits of sharing these stories is to motivate and inspire our customers and spread our message of hope. Additionally, through these stories we can showcase SCAP’s uniqueness and the many ways in which we can help.


Featured Stories:


Damaris Cardona with her husband and sister Chi-Chi
Damaris Cardona with her husband and sister Chi-Chi
Why SCAP?: At first it was curiosity, but-then it was their techniques and the plan we made that comforted me.

Why Now?: At SCAP I found a good friend that offered me a lot of trust. I get very happy when she calls.

Biggest Challenge: Finding an apartment with my language barrier, I could not communicate in English.

Describe Yourself: I am bipolar. What triggers my outbursts is my medical condition and stressing out. I had to take sleeping pills in order to sleep at night. My biggest fear was becoming homeless again. Ever since I came to SCAP, my mood swings have calm down a lot, I sleep without sleeping pills and the most important thing is that I am caring for my sister the right way. To me, family is most important.

Advice for Others: If you need help, come to SCAP.. . . read Damaris’ story



Katherine Cohn-Jacqueway 12/2015
Katherine Cohn-Jacqueway
Why SCAP?: Back then, I needed childcare. Now, I love working in this environment at SCAP. I connect with the parents that are going through the same things I went through.

Why Now?: It is my time to be here.

Biggest Challenge: Teen parenting.

Describe Yourself: I am family-oriented. I raise my family the same way my parents did, with structure and discipline. I’m very big on going to the library. I have an old-school approach to life.

Advice for Others: My message is to other teen parents; always follow your dreams. Put your family first. You need something work for. If you want to be successful for yourself and your family, you will. . . read Katherine’s story



Tammy 12/15/15
Why SCAP?: I saw that they were doing career readiness in healthcare and thought that was just the career change I was looking for.
Why Now?: I was looking for a career change at that time because I was laid off from my job. Everything fell into place from there.
Biggest Challenge: I felt I was too old to go back to school. Being the oldest student was a challenge. Actually, walking into the class on the first day, I thought, “Oh no, what have I done.” (Tammy laughs)
Describe Yourself: I’m a good listener. I like to nurture people I come into contact with; I learn from them and they learn from me. I am ambitious. I know what I want and I work 24/7 to get there.

Advice for Others: Love what you do and never give up. . . read Tammy’s story



Dominicka 11/15/15
Why SCAP?: I was looking for child care for my son. Their program did a wonderful job helping him to prepare school and I was able to move forward with my education.

Why Now?: I guess I was in the right place at the right time. SCAP provided me and my son with the help we needed at that time.

Biggest Challenge: Juggling raising a child while going to school and working. It was hard, but I did it.

Describe Yourself: I am loving, compassionate, strong-willed and very spiritual.

Advice for Others: Don’t wait to pursue your goals, and don’t be shy about asking for help if you need to. Don’t give up! I always knew I could do something more with myself and I didn’t give up. . . read Dominicka’s story




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